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A Story without Failure, is no Story at All

Don’t Fail to Fail Enough

Failure is often looked at in a negative light because of the pain and emotional turmoil it causes. While that is true, this pain is what makes us better human beings. As soft mud requires fire to harden, so we too as human beings require failed experiences to toughen up.

At The Failure Story, we understand that failing at something is not exactly an enjoyable experience. It is heartbreaking, and de-motivating, and downright depressing. But, it is necessary. Failure is one of life’s greatest teachers. Failure in life is an essential character building experience.

Each Failure experience is a valuable lesson in a humbling package- about how to focus more, how to do things differently, how to put in more effort, and so on. Failure may strips one of their ego, pride , confidence, and puts one on ground zero.

Every time we fail, we learn a little more about our own shortcomings and inabilities. We get a true picture of our talents and resolve, and can tailor our approach accordingly. The most important aspect is to maintain a positive attitude in the face of problems.

With our series of failure stories, motivational talks and more, you can take inspiration and move on to achieve your goals, every day.

Learning from failures in Business and in Life

It’s not just about learning or improving business strategy or tactics, failure can help build resilience to hardships so that one is better equipped to handle tough times. It helps us grow and mature as human beings, to value the things we hold most dear, and cherish the life that we have been given. Herein lies the importance of failure in life.

There are many famous successful people who failed. They too were ordinary human beings, but instead of giving up after their first failure, they continued to try, try and try some more.

Always remember that people have overcome disabilities, both physical and mental, to achieve their dream. It could not have been easy for them. They must have failed an innumerable number of times, before finally coming to a breakthrough.

If they can overcome such problems by learning from failure, then why can’t we?
These famous people have failed more times than they have succeeded, and they are proud of their scars.

Read our collection of real-life stories of many famous failures who serve as inspirations to many. These are the perfect examples of how the journey from failure to success, although beset with hardships, is a journey worth taking.

We offer Life Lessons in Digital Form

Rudyard Kipling wrote in his famous poem “If”- “if you can meet triumph and disaster, / and treat those imposters just the same”. This essentially means that both success and failure are essential ingredients in life.

These famous failure stories tell us of people who fought for what they believed in and risked everything to achieve their dream. They prove that their failures are essentially stepping stones to success later in life. For example, Edison invented the light bulb after 1000 failed attempts. When asked about it, he said “I didn’t fail 1000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps.”

Isn’t this the perfect example of resilience in the face of distress? Edison could have stopped at his second attempt, he could have moved onto another project. But, he did not. He chose to continue with his dream project. He tried and tried over and over again, until one fine day, he succeeded. And today, the world knows him as Thomas Edison- inventor of the light bulb.

Motivating failures

Listening to or reading about real people who failed before succeeding, can definitely fire up one’s attitude. Seeing someone else fail continuously, and still maintain a healthy and positive attitude, makes our own problems seem so trivial.

Most people are so afraid of failure that they choose to take the easy way out. Instead of choosing to live an average life take greater chances can expand your life. The more we fail, the more fearless we get. What do we have to lose?

So learn from the fall and gather the experience and knowledge required to make better decisions in the future.

Many famous and not so famous people have had the courage to dream big, and face failure too. People like Darwin, Freud, Augustine, and all other business magnates and sports personalities have embraced the possibilities of failure in their lives.

We share with you amazing experiences of failure as it teaches compassion, empathy, love, and humility. These are start-ups, businesses, and slice-of-life stories where failure has become a springboard for future success.

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