Failure In Life – Why It Is Important And How To Face It

Failure In Life - Why It Is Important And How To Face It
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Every one of us has already received our share of learning on why failure is so important, and that failure is what takes us towards success. However, hearing it and actually going through it are two entirely different things. While it might seem inspiring and motivating to know how amazing failure can be, it can be tough to stay optimistic at times like these when everything seems to be going for a toss

There is so much negativity linked to failure that even when we want to, we fail at just being okay with the thought of failing. Guilt, remorse, embarrassment, etc. are just a few emotions we feel when we fail. And worst of it all is the time for confrontation. Confrontation with the mistakes we made that led to failure, realizing in real that WE could go WRONG. But, if we failed, aren’t we still better than those who never tried?

Well, that’s the thing with failure. At least, you could say you tried. But, if you were to give up just after one attempt, why did you start trying in the first place? You have to give it another shot. Afraid of failing again? This time you wouldn’t commit the mistakes you committed last time. Each time you try and fail, you are getting better.

There is so much more to failure than just trying and failing, and here’s why it is so important:

The Famous’ Failed

We all have our role models, be an actor or an entrepreneur. While their success stories are so famous, we know they failed too. What kept them going? Reading a blog like this? No. They didn’t have the time for this. While you sit here and read the blog, someone out there is taking their third attempt at trying something knowing very well they will fail.

  • J.K. Rowling, the famous Harry Potter series author, was rejected by 12 different publishers before someone agreed to publish her first book. We all know where she stands today.
  • Bill Gates, the wealthiest man on Earth was also a failure once. He revolutionized the personal computers market, and imagine what we would be doing now if he didn’t give himself a second chance.
  • Do you know how many attempts it took to invent the light bulb? 10,000. Yes, Thomas Edison found out more than 9000 ways in which a light bulb wouldn’t work. Ever thought about failure that way?
  • A few years from now, you could make it to this long list of famous people who failed. But, for that, you know what to do.

    Failure Is Bound To Happen

    How much ever you try to avoid, failure is unavoidable. It occurred to others, and it will happen to you, in some form or the other. While some failures became inspirational success stories, some did not get a second chance. If you want to find out if you are going to make it to the list of people who tried and succeeded, you will have to give it a try. And not just once, as many times as needed, as many times as it takes to fall in love with your failure.

    Failure Is The Right Teacher

    How will you ever find out that the idea you have in the back of your mind, which you dream of every night you go to bed and wake up with, is The Idea? It takes a lot of courage to take risks like these, where you are not sure of success. But, do you know what regret of not trying feels like? It’s dreadful. Give that idea of yours a chance, you might fail, and that’s okay. You will know where you went wrong. Grab that second chance, because not everyone is lucky to get the first. Failure is the teacher that will show you the right way. Think of failure as your critic and you will never fail again. Instead, you will get another chance to be better.

    Failure Will Make You Stronger

    Failure has the power to either make you or break you; it is in your hands what you want the result to be. You know what’s best about people who are not afraid of failing, they are strong. And you can be too. Life gives us a chance to fail at every moment, but what we make out of that moment is what makes us strong.

    You know you don’t qualify for that job, but you apply for it anyway. Worst case scenario, you don’t make it. But, what if you do? The power of how failure will make you feel is in your hands. Let it strengthen you, and not weaken you.

    How To Face Failure In Life

    Accept it; you can’t be good at everything. Although you want to be, it is just not possible. When you try and fail at a thing, you know it’s out of your league. So, you try another, and another, until you find your passion. Failure gives you an opportunity to try other avenues, which you otherwise wouldn’t. And, once you find your passion, nothing is stopping you. This trial and error method can help you sort your life, for good.

    Failure Imparts Improvement

    When you fail, you have two choices. One is to give yourself a second chance, and two to never try again. While the latter seems more comfortable, the former has to be the best. Instead of taking failure as the end of life, take it up as a chance to improve. If success was easy, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. The fact that you are reading this is you are gathering all your courage to understand why you should try and fail. Failing once is just being lucky enough to give in your 100 percent in the second attempt.

    Failure Will Make You Experienced

    Failure helps us develop a deeper understanding of the process and life on the whole. It gives us a reality check and helps us realize that everything worth having is worth trying for. When we fail, we understand the importance of things we put at risk. This, in turn, helps change our entire perspective towards things that we value and we don’t.

    You Will Know The Worth Of Success

    Success isn’t easy, and certainly not for everyone. It is for those who make an effort and deserve it. Success becomes much sweeter after you have failed, and know what failure feels like. This accomplishment will get you the satisfaction that everything you went through was worth it.

    By now you know why failure is significant and why you should not be afraid of it. You have all the reasons why you should be willing to take up risks, and not be fearful of things backfiring. But, just like our mindsets tell us why failing, on the whole, is terrible, we have, for the fact, never prepared ourselves to face failure. While we know failing is important; we are unaware of the ways to deal with it.

    It is not easy to fail and recover. Along with accepting failure as a part of life, it is imperative you train yourself on how to face it, and not give in to it. Failing can be overwhelming, and it is a powerful emotion. While you prepare to love failure as it comes, here are some ways to face and cope with it.

    How To Accept Failure In Life, And Be Easy On Yourself

    Failing hurts. It can be distressing. And that’s okay. Somewhere deep down you knew what the chances were. The best thing to do when you fail is accept it and not push it away. You have to make peace with the fact that it is okay to fail, and that it is not the end of the world. Give yourself as much time as you need. You are in no hurry. You are angry and upset, and you have to let these emotions out. If you reject what you feel now, these emotions are going to overpower your senses at a later time.

    You Are Not Always Going To Fail

    You know why it is hard to stay positive and practical in times like these? Because it’s hurtful. On the other hand, it is very comforting to be negative and wane in self-pity. It is very easy to give up hopes on yourself and believe that failure is what you are always going to face. But you have to be stronger and stay away from such seductive emotions. They might make you feel better for a while, but in the long run, these emotions will eat you up.

    Failure is when you don’t learn from it and give up. If you move on, then you are learning and improving.

    Learn From Failure

    Once you are done lamenting your failures, it is time to use it at your interest. Failures can teach you things that success cannot. Look at your failures objectively. Look at it as an outsider trying to learn from Failure. Ask yourself constructive questions like what went wrong? What could have been done differently? Was it habitual or was this failure important to tell you were going the wrong way altogether? Take your time, answer these questions and understand what went wrong. As long as you are learning, failure is good.

    “Failure is success if we learn from it.” – Malcolm Forbes

    Talk It Out

    One great way to cope with failure is to talk to someone who will understand what you might be going through. Keeping it all bottled inside you is not the right way to deal with it. Also, when you talk about what went wrong and what led to failure, there are chances that you will find answers that you were seeking. Talking about your failure will make it a little easier for you to accept that you failed and that it is completely okay to not succeed in the first few attempts.

    Be Proud Of Your Failure

    Do not be afraid of admitting to others that you failed. It might feel embarrassing at first, but once you start accepting it as a part of your journey, your failure will no more be upsetting. Also, when you talk to people about what went wrong, you might receive some valuable insights as to how you can avoid the same mistakes in your next attempt.

    It is crucial that you accept failure as your friend and not your enemy. You are not perfect, but you are trying to be. Failure is the proof that you are trying, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be proud of it.

    We all want to be successful, but only a few of us are willing to fail. Albert Einstein rightly said, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” So, if you wish not to fail at all, don’t try. And if you are not going to try, you will never succeed.

    The key to success is taking failure as it is, as a mere obstacle and believing that you have the power to overcome it. Every time you fail, you get a step closer to success. And every time you learn from your defeat, your next step is, even more wiser, careful, and sensible. Giving up might seem easier, but living with the fact that another step might have made you successful is appalling. You will surely recover from your setbacks and conquer success; all you need is the will and wish to get there.

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