Impacts and Benefits of Social Media on our Society

Impacts and benefits of social media in our society
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Usually, social media is portrayed as a threat because of the privacy issues it imposes and all the information overload that can easily cause confusion but we should stop blaming social media for everything.

We often view social media through a negative lens and judge it critically. This will be an easy thing to do and we might end up overlooking the benefits that internet offers if used in proper ways.

The ways in which it’s used now, do raise concern. The privacy issues around these social platforms can’t be ignored.

We all will agree that the internet is not necessarily a healthy place to be. Oversharing, bullying, privacy theft, online stalking and a lot of other things that happen can be mentally taxing.

Still, social media is beneficial in innumerable ways and if used properly as a tool, it can give good results.

Impacts and Effects of Social Media

The impacts and effects of social media can be pretty bad or good, depending on how it’s used. Content creators on channels like YouTube don’t always act responsibly. There’s a continuous influx of huge amount of information on these platforms and most of these are misleading.

In the past 20 years, we had witnessed a lot of change in information and technology. Mobile technology has developed and contributed to shaping the overall impact of social media to a great deal.

An estimated 3.8 billion people are active users of social media. 90% of brands are online and use social media on a regular basis to increase their brand awareness and reach.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram has made the world come closer. A lot of personal information is shared on these platforms. Initially, these were used to increase your social circles and to be in touch with friends and families that live far.

Social platforms make it easy to revive and preserve relationships with other people, connect with business people and became part of communities. It is easy and effortless to connect with like-minded people.

But after the awareness that these platforms are not entirely safe to use and one should be very cautious with the information shared on these platforms as lots of user’s data and personal information is not secure on these sites.

Still, there’s a marked rise in the usage of these platforms and many people find it hard to stay away from these because of the benefits these offer.

Stories are taking social by storm and nearly a billion people use stories across various platforms like – Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat. In general, people use stories more than feed and stories are set to outpace feed.

With the onset of these platforms people share a lot of information and it’s interesting to watch what’s the reason behind that?

  • Most people share content related to the causes they strongly feel about.
  • At times people share valuable information on these platforms which they think, will be beneficial for many. In this way, a lot of valuable information and insights are readily available on these sites.
  • It’s used for image/influence building and many businesses and people get heavily benefitted from it. Social platforms are becoming a primary means of getting the word out about your business.
  • An easy way to keep in touch with old friends or relatives that live far.
  • To spread awareness and gain support for genuine causes. Social media can be used for various noble causes. People who face various hardships, farmers, teachers can benefit from these social platforms.
  • Communities are formed on the basis of interests.

Negative impacts/effects of social media

There are a lot of discussions and debates on the negative impacts of social mediaon its users. These concerns largely point towards the risk imposed due to uninhibited and excessive use of these mediums, and when it’s used to broadcast even the silliest details of our day-to-day lives.

There’s no doubt in this that social media has altered the way we connect and communicate with people for better or for worse. Though this entirely depends on the ways an individual uses it and varies from person to person. Internet and social platforms are a great tool but can wreak havoc if used to cause harm.

The many ways in which some people use social media to do bad than good are –

  • A lot of people use these platforms only for bullying and trolling others. This at times proves to be detrimental and causes a lot of issues for those who are on the receiving end.
  • Platforms like Instagram and Facebook can adversely affect the self-esteem of youths and may induce depression. As they deal with constant social and peer pressure and they are becoming more image and body conscious.That’s certainly not good for their well-being.
  • Too much sharing on these platforms makes it a very noisy place. Too much content that we are not interested in, keeps on flooding into the news feed that makes it very hard to reach the information of our preference.
  • Sharing too much information can open doors for lots of unnecessary trouble. Privacy is one such issue. Sharing your geographical location, or the social sites owning your content after it’s posted, then privacy becomes a major concern.
  • Increase in peer pressure and social pressure on people – especially the youth find it very tough to deal with the anxiety, depression that happens with the overuse of these channels.

But it’s undeniable that social media channels can be used to impact the society in a very positive way. And there are many ways to use it productively.

Advantages and Benefits of Social Media

Positive effects of social networking didn’t get a fair share of attention. Though undeniably social media do offer benefits that can be utilized for the welfare of others and businesses.

The ways of communication had entirely changed. Companies approach candidates through social sites.

Unfortunately, a whole lot of blame is put on social media that seems unfair. If properly used it’s a great medium to connect with the like-minded people. Join social circles that can help you learn a new skill. And repeatedly it proves to be very efficient for mental health.

To gain from the positive effects of networking, you can follow anyone and boost your knowledge. Approximately 59% of schools say that their students use social networking for educational purposes. You can easily learn the skills you’re interested in without even paying for it.

A lot of information and support is available. If you use it right, social media can surely alter your life for good.

  • Use it to enhance your connectivity. Whether you are a business owner, student or a professional make the most out of these platforms and connect with other people like you.
  • It makes an important component of business strategies.
  • An excellent platform for students and teachers
  • Can be used efficiently in community building
  • In spreading awareness related to mental health and can facilitate help-seeking. The anonymity and detachment of the internet is helpful in finding solutions for their problems.

To reap the benefits of social media you will need to understand the various advantages it brings to the table. Social media brings bigger opportunities for social interactions that can be achieved in a larger group of people.

These platforms transcend the time and geographical limits and provide much ease in connectivity among people belonging to various ethnicity, religion, etc.

Social media effects on society are undeniable. Youths get affected by it the most.

The pros and cons of social media for youth are a lot because if they use it properly, which is mostly hard for them to understand then it can benefit a great deal in their career and a lot of new skills can be learned.

But the way youths use social media raises deep concerns. Issues like sedentary lifestyles habits and sleep disruption happen. Most of these platforms are accessed from mobile devices and that has a negative effect on your ability to get proper sleep.

Youths specifically suffer from cyberbullying and experience more peer pressure.

Why Social Media is Good or Bad?

The positive effects of networking can add a lot of value to the wellbeing of people, businesses and life in general. Social media platforms can be both good or bad depending on the way they are used.

An increase in online interactions is substituting offline interactions. It’s increasingly becoming hard to stay away from these platforms. So, it will be better to use them cautiously and in moderation.

These platforms if overused create a continuous distraction. People get easily distracted from a lot of messages and news from these apps. It’s becoming harder to put your phone down for more than a few minutes. The habit of being online impacts all the offline conversations and are stressful.

Regularly scrolling your news feed results in all sorts of issues like distracted driving to procrastination of even important work. The habit of browsing these platforms is not easy to give up and is bad.

Social media should be used to get the positive effects of networking or else it can soon turn into a bad habit.


Social media can be used in many ways. These modes of communication and support can be used to bring people closer. Families that are scattered across the globe can easily stay connected. It’s easier to stay connected online.

The internet has made this world a small place and the heavy connectivity offered by various social channels makes it easier than ever to connect anywhere across the globe in real time.

The opportunity to interact, learn, grow, nurture relationships, and express their opinions, understand the viewpoints of others are some of the benefits these platforms offer and sadly these are often overlooked.

Instead of using this amazing tool for the purposes that are fora greater good, we all easily fall in the trap of getting habituated with it. Using social media all the time will definitely not do any good for anyone’s health. Rather people should focus on cultivating some offline activities.

It will be great if people understand the importance of reading books rather than spending too much time on social media and try to use it in ways that it becomes beneficial for them and others.

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