Importance & Benefits of Reading Books

Importance & Benefits of reading books
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We often hear people say stuff like books can be your best friends, ultimate companions, favourite allies, and teach you the best things. Well,all this is true. Who uplifts your mood, inspires you, provide all the worldly wisdom? This list is long but worth pondering. There are many synonyms you can think or imagine and everything will sit well.

Enough can be said on the importance of reading books in one’s life. But still, if you need to know more about the magic spell that is casted by reading a book or the amount of knowledge you can gain by reading then this article is for you.

Understandably people want to spend their leisure time with a book. We all grab a book when it comes to spending some alone time whether we are on a beach, resting at our home, on a journey, or while traveling alone. Picture all these scenarios and you will get how comforting a book can be at all these times. That’s why all genres of books have a distinct fan following.

If you are someone who seeks knowledge then books are indeed the best source to attain that. A better way to learn and know about a lot of things, books can unlock the passageway of the world of knowledge and wisdom.

Importance of Books

For the majority of us, books are a part of our daily lives. Packed with knowledge and wisdom books prepare us for so many things. We get useful insights, the courage to live, love, dream, achieve, succeed, fail, transform ourselves, pray, believe, and get helpful advice.

It won’t be entirely wrong if you say that some books take you on a journey you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. Someone acquired knowledge while travelling and experiencing life in an entirely different time zone, they wrote it down and now just by reading it you can visit or experience, or understand and question that knowledge.

Fiction, philosophy, business, science, technology, news, stories, biographies, culture related, mythology, action and adventure, classic, drama, crime, fable, fairy tale, comic and graphics, fantasy, and more. All picture an entirely different view of our society, cultures, psyche, and connect the dots for us.

Books help us and elevate our thinking, expand our limitations and even better challenge limiting beliefs, sometimes break the limitations, and make you believe in something or anything. Such is the power that words hold on us. If you wish to keep your mind sharp you definitely need to read books.

If you are not lucky enough to go for formal education to learn then also you can choose to go to a library to read or even from the comforts of your home you can read books of all the great minds. We need to learn from somewhere and for that, we need access to good books. Books are the most important tools to get easy access to knowledge.

Benefits of Reading Books

Just by opening a new book you can tap into an entirely new world. Reading is a good habit. From quite an early age we wish to incur reading habits in our children. Short stories, poems are a way to introduce them to the world and its diversity. Knowledge is power and so is the imagination and memory. To expands your knowledge, to let your imagination fly, to build your memory you can rely on reading.

It’s a hobby that can prove very healthy in the development of your mind. Life might present a lot of hurdles in your way but all can be overcome by the power of knowledge. Be a lifelong learner, gain practical experiences from life and through reading.

As in the words of Ernest Hemingway, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” Here’s a list of benefits you can get from reading-

  • Reading Reduces Stress

    Reading reduces stress. It takes away your mind from the thoughts and stress. A good story relieves from stress.

  • Improves Understanding

    Reading improves your understanding about the various cultures and by it, you tend to understand the world better. An understanding of society is good because it cultivates a sense of belonging in you and you can learn to adapt.

  • Enhances Imaginations

    We all are limited by what we can imagine. To tap in a world different and far from your imagination go and read something that will lead you there. Reading books surely gives wings to your own imagination and let it fly.

  • Increases Memory

    For an agile learning skill and sharpening of your memory, you need to read more. It will enable you to think more and understand better.

  • Provides Entertainment

    A light-hearted good read will keep you entertained while shaping your understanding and knowledge. If you are bored and not looking for any outdoor or indoor physical activity. Then it will be better to grab a book to entertain yourself.

  • You can Self-Educate Yourself

    It’s easy to self-educate yourself by reading books. Books carry all the knowledge and wisdom that one needs to acquire to be successful. Self-education requires a very disciplined approach but it’s equally rewarding if you wish to build your life and career.

    Books can prove to be your best friend if you are seeking to self-educate yourself. All you need to have is access to the library. Start your day with the life lessons of all the great people. Read about their life struggles and how they overcame it.

  • Reading Makes you Become more Self-Aware

    Some of the greatest conflicts and confusions that we all carry inside us can be overcame and resolved by reading about it and what can be done in such situations.

    Every book you choose to read can become a good source of learning more about yourself. As it is said that the, more we know about ourselves the more we are able to understand others.

    All the obstacles that are in your mind and you are not even aware of them can become the cause of your stress. Reading regularly gives you the opportunity to overcome those hurdles. Awareness leads to overcoming those barriers. By knowing your true being, it’s easier to find the answers to those barriers.

  • Keeps Negative Thinking at Bay

    We all do thinking but not everyone does it right. What does the right thinking mean and how do it effects? Well if you are thinking the right way you will be thinking about the possibilities, opportunities, and then think ways to make the most of those opportunities that come your way.

    Now, those who are doing it wrong are mostly thinking out of fear and waste too much time in taking the right decision. Books build your confidence and intellect. You become more productive. A better understanding of desires, strengths, and emotions allows us to live fairly-balanced lives.

    This impacts not only your life but spreads happiness in your relationships as well. On the contrary, too much fear-based negative thinking encourages envy, hatred, and condemning of others. Negativity thinking always leads to focusing a lot on the dark side of events and happenings and dwelling in it.

It’s Great to Read Success Stories but it’s far more Rewarding to Read Failure Stories

There lies some truth is the notion that success stories make a great read but it’s far much better and beneficial to read stories about failure. Everyone fails. No matter how hard you try but very few get to their goals in one go.

You can call it luck, lack of opportunities, failing to properly build a strategy, or lacking perseverance, but we all fail. But what’s most important is getting up and going for your goals. By reading you can always change the course and take charge of where you want to go next.

If you want new experiences, nurture your hobbies like travelling, and reading. Reading is the easiest form of travelling as it transcends time and place.

You can learn a lot by reading about successful people who failed. If you want motivation after facing a setback then the failure stories of successful people and how they sailed through their tough times from their set backs to success, will keep you inspired and working towards the goals.

Reading books and stories about failures reveals the blind spots and insecurities we all have and make us aware and clear about who we really are. Awareness of self truly comes by reading stories about failures.
Reading also enables you to make informed choices. So, it’s a good habit and you should definitely cultivate it.

In the End

People do have varied interests and they tend to read on topics and subjects that they mostly like. Some like reading poetry in their free time to give wings to their imagination or connect deeply with their thoughts and emotions. What will be a better way to feel the words other than poetry? It’s such a relief to read poetry or stories when you want to connect deeper with the emotions.

Same can be said about stories and biographies. Books of every genre offer a different flavor that is peculiar and interesting. When we seek to learn about new skills we rely on books. Training will help but reading is a sure shot way to learn.

All books are helpful if you have a hobby of reading. Reading is a habit that should be nurtured as it presents many benefits necessary in the process of learning and development. The books we read play a major role in our lives.

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