Importance of Failure in Life – You Will Face Failures And Why It’s OK

Why Failure isn’t the Opposite of Success, but an Integral Part of Success
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“Success is stumbling from failure to failure, with no loss of enthusiasm – Winston Churchill.”

A lot of us are terrified at the prospect of failing. The embarrassments, self-doubts, guilt, the nosedive of confidence levels that accompany failure, make us regret taking the leap of faith. In fact, the very thought of failure prevents us from achieving real success. Instead, we try to stick to mediocrity to avoid the dreaded “F” word at all costs.

“Contrary to popular belief, failure is NOT the opposite of success, but it’s a part of success.”

Read on, as we help you understand why failure is an important and integral part of all our lives and why learning from business failure matters if you want to taste sweet success.

Failure Leads to Success

You would have heard the name, Thomas Edison – the man behind the invention of the light bulb. But are you aware that he failed for 1000 times before he could build a successful prototype? In fact, when a reporter asked Edison about his 1000 mistakes, he famously quipped, “I didn’t fail 1000 times. The light bulb is an invention that had 1000 steps.”

He is the perfect example of how to turn failure into stepping stones for enormous success. Unlike Edison, the majority of us, don’t know how to embrace failure. In fact, we are so focused on avoiding failure in life at all costs, that we settle into a life of mediocrity, failing to utilize our massive potential.

“Failure is Not an Option.”

These were the words famously quoted by Jerry C Bostick, the NASA flight controller, who was in charge of bringing back the failed Apollo 13 mission back to Earth. The rest, as they say, is history. According to best-selling author Schulz, “We are wrong about what it means to be wrong.”

“Failure is not a sign of weakness or inferiority. It’s a sign that you’re built for Success.”

Here are a few examples of Famous Personalities who were considered a Dramatic Failure before they could reach Amazing Success:

  • Albert Einstein

The Father of Relativity didn’t start speaking until he turned four, and his primary teachers reported that “he wouldn’t amount too much.”

  • Michael Jordan

One of the world’s best basketball players failed to get selected for the basketball team of his high school. But, that didn’t put him off from becoming one of the world’s finest basketball players.

  • Walt Disney

He was fired from a newspaper job for having “no original ideas” and “for lacking imagination.” This didn’t stop him from leaving behind a legacy that continues for generations after him.

  • Oprah Winfrey

She was removed from her job as a news reporter, because her seniors considered that “she wasn’t fit for television.”

  • JK Rowling

One of the most successful authors of our time was once divorced, jobless, with a dependent child. In fact, she was forced to sign up for government assisted welfare and had to suffer through bouts of depression, before she could taste success.

All these failure stories and plenty others have one thing in common. These famous and successful people didn’t stop after failure nor did they fear failure. What they did was, got up, dusted themselves and forged ahead, despite having failed a couple of times or even a hundred times.

Failure is a type of Freedom

Why? Because you have dealt with the worst. Once you have failed, you can focus on relaxing and rebuilding your life.
Failure in life is inevitable. The only way to protect your life from failure is by living life so guardedly that you end up not living life at all.

In fact, “Failure is not something to shun. It’s something to embrace and welcome.”

Importance of Failure

Now, that you’ve understood that failure is a part of life, here’s a look at the importance of failure and the reasons why it’s ok to fail.

  1. Failure Makes You Dig Deeper

    Only when you fail, you pause to take stock of what’s happening. Whether you have failed in your career, personal life or business, failures help you reflect on life, build new strategies and develop new ways to approach your problems. Consider failure as the chisel that shapes us to become our better selves.

  2. Failure Makes You Stronger

    You would have heard the saying, “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.” Failure forces you to become stronger, giving you the strength that you never knew existed within you. It helps you to push beyond your boundaries, making you a better, stronger and wiser person in the process.

  3. Failure Teaches You Life Lessons that Success Doesn’t Teach

    “Only when you are at your lowest, you identify your true friends.”

    Failure helps you look beyond material success. You learn to understand the value of things that you took for granted. Be it your partner’s love, a mom’s care or a friend’s genuine wishes; failure helps you see the big picture of life.

  4. Failure Makes You Discover New Solutions to Old Problems

    “If you don’t fail now and again, it’s a sign that you aren’t trying anything new – Woody Allen.”

    Many of you would know Henry Ford as the maker of one of the most successful automobiles of all time. But, what you wouldn’t be aware is that Ford had to declare bankruptcy twice before, he could taste success.

    Only when you realize that you’ve exhausted all options available before you, you come up with ingenious solutions that propel you to success.

  5. Failure Makes You Empathetic

    Only when you go through ego-shattering failures, you learn to understand the plight of others who are in the same boat. This empathy is what makes you a true success, which goes beyond monetary gains. Once you become empathetic, you realize the true meaning of life.

  6. Failure Makes You Take Bigger Risks

    The fear of failure is what puts you off from trying new things and achieving greater success. Once you’ve hit rock bottom, you’ve seen it all. You’re ready to take bigger risks and step out of your cocooned life.

  7. Above all, victories taste all the more sweeter, when you’ve seen major failures

    There’s no greater feeling of happiness than sipping sweet success after struggling through enormous hardships and struggles. In fact, the best victory is when you successfully convert your
    failure to success against all the odds.

Don’t give up, Just Yet

If you’re going through failure right now, all we want to say is “Don’t give up.” It doesn’t matter whether this is your first or hundredth failure. What matters is that you keep going.

Distance yourself from all the negativity out there. Don’t let negative people or thoughts sway you from the path to success. Firmly believe that it’s ok to fail and success is just around the corner.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be focused on erasing out your mistakes and life-shattering failures from the resume of your life. Instead, understand that failure leads to success and consider it as a stepping stone to the success that’s just around the bend.

And remember that,

“True Failure is only when you Fail to Get Up.”

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