Top 13 Good Habits that will Change your Life

Good habits that will change your life
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We are the sum total of the habits we form. Our lives are greatly affected by our daily habits. And there’s no doubt in it that our habits either they’re good or they’re bad can impact all the important aspects of our lives.

Truth to be told, for any good outcome and for the efforts you put in, you will need to follow specific things and ditch on some behaviour. We all have a fair share of some good and bad habits. So, what makes any habit good or bad?

If you are aiming to achieve good health then every habit that helps to get closer to your goals is a good habit and anything that keeps you from attaining these goals are bad. But first, let us learn about some common benefits that one can get by developing some good habits.

Changing our behaviour is a slow and gradual process and this reflects in both situation either when we are trying to form any habit or when we are trying to get rid of one. Changing anything in your life is a cumulative effect of many good habits formed and maintained by you.

But these seemingly so small routines become so ingrained in your routine that they might appear as your second nature. Habits are hard formed and hard to get rid of. Herein are a good habits list to start with that might help you transform your life.

A list of good habits that can enrich your life

  • Wake up Early in the Morning and Sleep on Time

An early start to your day by waking up early is a good habit. Though it is not required necessarily because to be completely rested has more importance than just waking up early with half energy.

But if you can manage to get enough rest in the night then waking up early can have many positive advantages on your health and productiveness. Early risers do get the benefit of utilizing the early hours of the morning.

Sleep has a profound effect on our body and especially on our brains. To keep us healthy we must rest properly and aim for a daily 8 hours sleep at night. If you have a habit of sleeping on time then you are doing yourself a huge favor.

Many people face trouble in sleeping on time and getting proper rest to their bodies. Sleep deprivation can lead to a lot of health problems and is a matter of concern. To function properly the other day, we all need to be completely rested.

  • Hydrate Yourself often and most Importantly in the Morning

Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking water on regular intervals of the day will help you get rid of the toxins that get accumulated in your body. Drinking water is good for your overall health and it is advised that one should drink water especially during the day time and in the early morning.

The health benefits of drinking water are many. It flushes the toxins out of our body which is good for your kidneys. It keeps your blood pressure normal. Drinking water on rising in the morning helps you to become more alert.

During your 8 hours night rest, the water is used up in the body but we don’t rehydrate ourselves in that duration. So, it is important to drink water after waking up to rejuvenate all your internal organs.

  • Go out for a Walk. Doesn’t matter much which time of the day you want to walk

A walk offers many health benefits. Walking is the simplest exercise that can be done at any time of the day. But if done in the morning it makes you more alert. But even if you don’t get time in the morning you can go on a walk at any time of the day, evening or maybe at night.

Walking is good for your heart health, it improves metabolism, lean muscle growth, and your body will be more fit.

  • Arrive Early or at least be on Time at your Work

Punctuality is a good habit. Arriving early at work gives you the benefit of starting your work on time and you don’t have to deal with any unnecessary delays. You get enough time to plan your work day and schedule it accordingly. All this will help you in avoiding additional stress caused by the delays happening due to late arrival at work. Arriving at work on time can really save your day.

  • Focus on your Goals and take at least One Action that Brings Closer to Your Goal

Persistence is the key to succeed in life. We all set some goals but it’s our actions that play an important role in determining whether we will achieve them or not or how long it will take to achieve it. So, a habit of focusing on your goals daily and then taking at least one action that brings you closer to your goal will increase your chances in getting success.

  • Take Short Breaks in between your Work and Avoid Multi-Tasking unless Required

Well, we all are mighty aware of the fact that long hours of monotonous work can affect us. Any work is better performed when it is made enjoyable. But that can’t be the case always. Often, we find ourselves juggling between a lot of different works and nothing gets done properly. If this is the case with you then you should consider prioritizing your work and doing one thing at a time.

After completing the task in hand do not forget to take short breaks of 5 to 10 minutes. This helps in breaking the monotony of your work routine. All this will help you to be more productive and the intermittent breaks prevent you from burn-out, and headaches.

  • Disconnect often with all the Digital Devices

Digital detox is the need of the hour. It’s necessary to leave online connectivity of all the digital communication and social platforms, for once in a while. This will help you relax and bring in more focus on the task in the hand. The digital disconnect will help you to connect effectively to your current surroundings. It is quite easy to become addicted to screens in this fast-paced digital world.

Not only this, but a constant addiction to the screens also causes a loss in the ability to connect in the real world. Face to face communications and self-reflection time are becoming increasingly rare in the quest to remain connected in the hyper-connected world.

  • Nurture your Relationships by Developing the Art of Listening

Relationships are necessary and require attention. By getting more connected to our digital devices we are constantly getting disconnected with the people next to us and this is affecting our relationships. All this is increasing at an alarming rate. What is required right now is that we should start engaging more with the people and nurture our relationships because this also helps us develop the art of listening.

Actively listening to people is more important than merely observing them. It helps in understanding and getting the non-verbal clues during any conversation, those that are not much apparent. Listening and understanding give you the advantage to make things better for everyone.

  • Wind down to Relax

Life is stressful and our day-to-day grind leaves us all drained and stressed. So much work to do in so little time and everyone thriving to achieve more, stressing on being more productive, utilizing every minute and there we are trapped in all this with no time to relax.
We can’t be happy when we are in touch with everything at the cost of losing touch with ourselves. So, making time to relax, specifically at the end of a stressful day is important and a very healthy habit to keep yourself aligned.

  • Read Daily

Reading is a very important habit and you will be immensely benefitted from it. Most of the people still start their day by reading a newspaper. Reading daily is a good habit that keeps you updated with the current affairs, which is very important. Not only current affairs but a lot of the information and knowledge can be acquired by reading. Reading is a habit that everyone must cultivate in themselves. No matter what is your age have a habit of reading even if it’s just for entertainment.

  • Save your Money

This is a no brainer and to be honest we all need to align our expenses and savings in such a way that we can save some part of our earnings for the future. Having a habit of saving your money is important. Many incidences happen that can affect your budget. To manage these, you must incur a habit of saving some amount of your money on a regular basis. A good saving ensures stability for your future.

  • Be more Inclined towards Positivity

More positivity than the negativity keeps the person hopeful and free from negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are normal but having an inclination towards positive thinking is important. It is easier said than done because some people have a natural way of thinking about the negatives more than the positives. It will help to be happy in personal and professional life

  • Follow a Routine

Keeping a routine and sticking to it is a healthy practice. This saves a lot of time of your day. You don’t have to necessarily decide on every mundane task of your day. Routine provides the necessary structure which is important for better functioning.

By the absence of a routine, there will be a lot of randomness in your day and many decisions to make, all fighting for your attention and leading to much wastage of your time. Following a carefully planned routine can actually save you from a lot of stress and you can better manage your time.

How to Break bad Habits?

Failure in Life

Why failure is important? Failures are important part in life and failing in something is deemed necessary. This is not to glorify failure as it will be a disheartening experience for anyone. When we work hard, we basically strive for success, not a failure but then also sometimes we do fail and it’s normal.

Failure in life can be used as a learning lesson. We mostly learn on a trial and error basis. Who doesn’t want success in one go but do we all can succeed in every venture we get into? The obvious answer to this is no. We do fail. And we fail often. But the way we respond to our failure counts more. It’s ok to fall but it’s not necessary to stay there. Pick yourself up and try harder.

In the End

Good habits mean good health and getting more success in general. If you have lesser bad habits then definitely you will be more equipped to take on new challenges. Incur good habits as they hold the key to your health and happiness.

Humans are hard-wired to form habits, the familiar patterns of our repetitive behaviour often done unconsciously, leading to a desirable or undesirable outcome and labelled good or bad according to that.

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