We Learn from Failure not from Success – Story of Alibaba Owner – Jack MA

We Learn from Failure not from Success – Story of Alibaba Owner – Jack MA
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The Jack Ma Story

He was born in a poor family when China’s Cultural Revolution was at its peak.

In his teen age, he used guide tourists for free to improve his English.

He was aware that the only way he could get out of poverty was through good education

He applied for number of colleges but got rejected from all

He applied for Harvard 10 times and got rejected all the times, so he told himself that someday i should go teach there

He got rejection for 30 different jobs in 3 simple words – you are not good

When he applied for a job in KFC, he was the only one who got rejected out of 24 people who applied

But remember, all these failures made him only stronger to try again with better strength

In 1995, when internet was blooming he was shocked when he got no result when he searched for “Beer”

And that’s when he came up with an idea to build online marketplace – Alibaba

Thus, It was the startup journey of Story of Jack Ma Alibaba.

Even after starting Alibaba, it was not profitable and it was about to get bankrupt

So he requested his 17 friends to invest in his idea since he was still hopeful for his idea that it will be successful. He strongly believed that hard work never fails, it just takes time

And soon Alibaba became largest e-Commerce store in the world

Today Jack Ma is the richest man in China with networth of more than 30 billion

The Story of Jack Ma – Alibaba Founder, teaches us that it’s never too late to believe in yourself. Failure should only make you stronger to try again. Never lose hope in your efforts

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