What is Women Empowerment? Know its Importance

What is Women Empowerment
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Women Empowerment Introduction & Definition

In a male-dominated society, women empowerment most importantly paves a way to enable the underprivileged or even moderately privileged women with much needed equal opportunities and access to education just like their male counterparts. Meaning of women empowerment is to enable women and make them realize their self-worth, their potential and encourage them to have that confidence and financial independence to live life with dignity and grace. This article is written more like a women empowerment essay to shine a light upon its importance and relevance in today’s world.

Through proper encouragement and providing a safe environment more women will be able to become financially independent and thus can have a say in their lives and be able to make important decisions related to their health and safety. Women empowerment gives them much needed financial independence that enables them with the ability to make important decisions in their lives that are otherwise sometimes hard to make for them.

In a society, where male domination has led to a common disrespect and negligence towards women, their health, safety and denial of their basic rights sometimes even lead to abuse and violence towards them, nothing much can be done to improve the situation of these women to relieve them from their ordeal unless they are empowered. This situation must be improved as it creates such a huge imbalance in the society and effects its proper functioning.

Women empowerment in India and the world is the most talked about the cause from quite a very long time. Many social activists take this sensitive issue very seriously and do every bit to educate more and more people and reform society. Though the hard truth is that any such initiative is usually met with a lot of resistance from the existing patriarchal society as they perceive it as a threat to their own existence and fear that this may lead to the downfall of their women and functioning of their houses.

Every human being, be it a man or a woman have a fundamental right of being able to live without fear, and with dignity. Gender discrimination, despite being met with a lot of resistance from all over the world, to our dismay still exists. Even after lots of movements and protests, there is still a decline in the number of females in comparison to their male counterparts all over the world, including in India.

Women are perceived as a liability and hence the birth of a girl child is not much welcomed. The situation has been improved quite a lot in comparison to the past with more and more women joining the workforce. But still, issues like discrimination and the huge pay gap between both the genders persists.

What is Women Empowerment?

So basically, what is women empowerment? Why is it necessary? What is the importance of women empowerment? These questions come to everyone’s mind and are definitely worthy of giving proper thought and consideration. We all are evolved enough to understand that it is not wise to keep half of the population deprived of their rights and not give them the freedom to live to their maximum potential.

Every now and then we are forced to deal with or witness some very unfair situations occurring frequently either in our day-to-day lives or in the social settings. Our social structure is not fairly balanced. Both the genders are not equally treated and they never were, neither in the past nor in the present. We relish on the fact that we are developed and day-by-day with more technological advancements and inventions the quality of our lives is getting improved.

But the real situation is the exact opposite of what is showcased. A lot of pressing social issues are dragging from the past and will continue to do so, as a society we are far from being civilized or balanced. Gender inequality is one such issue that continues till today. Women all around the world are denied of their basic rights.

Control and abuse, and sometimes exploitation are the main issues in play that are at the base of this whole rift against women empowerment. Fear based control or assertion of male domination is mainly done for exploitation of women when their existence is perceived merely as objects to fulfil the needs of men. Sometimes real safety concerns that are lack of a safe environment outside the home, make women empowerment next to impossible to attain.

Why is Women Empowerment Required? What’s its Importance?

    Why there is a need to control women? This is the question that must be explored first.

  • In almost every household and at every place all the decisions be it major or the minor ones are taken by the man of the house. The responsibility to take a proper and rational decision if it is going to affect someone’s life should be taken with much prudence. But this is thoroughly ignored in a patriarchal society. Whether the person is able to make that informed decision or not the rights are handled to the man of the house. Whatever decisions are made by him are final and nobody has a say in it.
  • This creates a huge imbalance of power and opens the door for disrespect and abuse towards women.

  • We all know and agree that the society in which we live is really very hostile towards women and children. It’s not a safe place to live in. Why did this happen? Objectification of women, robbing them from their basic rights and forcing them to live in fear and not allowing them to have that much-needed financial independence is basically done in the patriarchal society. The core reasons to do this is to have total control and a mindset that enforces the thinking that women are only a medium to provide pleasure to men and must act as a second fiddle to men.
  • The male dominant society perceives the empowerment of women as a threat.

  • It’s hard to convince them that women empowerment will create a perfectly balanced society and it’s required for the proper functioning of the society and its forward progression. Like the two wheels of any vehicle are needed to be aligned and equal for the proper functioning of a vehicle. Same is with the society, equal opportunities for women will mean half of the world population will join the workforce and this will ensure more happiness and growth for the home, nation, and world in general.
  • The financial liabilities and responsibilities that lies solely on the shoulders on men will be half as they will be shared by the women.

  • Nothing causes greater loss to the society than the wasted potential of its members. Financial security ensures that women will be able to live a more stable life and if any adversities arise, they will be able to handle the situation and continue to live with dignity. Financial independence that comes from women empowerment will safeguard them from abuse.

Every household will be able to function in more sync with shared responsibilities between men and women be it financial or domestic. This is required for proper and better functioning and overall happiness of everyone.

Nothing is worse than the wasted potential of any human being. By acknowledging the right potential and providing equal opportunities we are not only doing a favor towards our women but to the society as a whole. This will assist in the development and forward progression of our cultures.


With so many cases of violence, intolerance, and inequality and a steep rise in mental health issues among the population, we should place more value on the health, happiness, and stability of our society and its inhabitants. A steady and balanced environment will provide the necessary base for the socio-economic growth of the society. Safety and equal opportunities are the need of the hour. As the world is progressing fast it is very important to keep the society balanced and inclusive.

We all will thrive better only in an equal and fairly balanced society. It all depends on us and is the responsibility of every inhabitant to make this world a better place for everyone. Socio-economic growth and forward progression of any society, community, or nation are dependent on empowering its women. All hopes have not died yet, many able men, women, and social activists who are genuinely concerned about the situation of women are working towards making this world a fair place.

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