Who is Bill Gates? Know About his Life Story and History

Who is Bill Gates? Know About his Life Story and History
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Whois Bill Gates?

Bill Gates is very successful entrepreneur, a fierce business leader, author, humanitarian known for his philanthropic works,co-founder of an American multinational technology company,Microsoft Corporation. Bill Gates was born on 28 October 1955. Famous as the richest person in the world, Bill Gates is a name, known to almost every household.

Bill Gates Early Life, Family & Childhood Information

Bill Gates comes from an upper middle-class family and was born in Seattle, Washington and spent his early days there. His father was a prominent lawyer, William H. Gates, Sr. and mother Mary Maxwell Gates was a Banker. He developed interest in computing while studying in the Lakeside School.

He grew up in a warm and close family environment, with two siblings, an older sister Kristianne, and Libby was his younger sister. The kids were encouraged to be competitive and strive for excellence. Bill Gates was very close to his mother.

His mother, Mary, who earlier worked as a teacher, later devoted her time in raising her children while working for charities and in civic affairs. She served on various corporate boards, one among them was the first interstate bank in Seattle, which was founded by her grandfather, the united way, and IBM.

Bill Gates Education

Bill gates was an avid reader. He spent many hours reading books like encyclopedia. Though he was performing well in school but sometimes was withdrawn and seemed to be bored. This behavior worried his parents and they suspected that he might become a loner.

They believed a lot in public education but still they enrolled Bill at Seattle’s Lakeside School, an exclusive preparatory school, when he turned 13. He excelled in mathematics and science, while performing well in all other subjects. Drama and English were his favorite subjects.

At Seattle’s Lakeside School, a computer company provided free computer time for the students. It was there Bill Gates became fascinated with the computers and what they can do. He started spending all his free time working on the terminal. He graduated from Lakeside in 1973 and scored 1590 out of 1600 in the college SAT test.

A College Drop-out

Bill Gates went to Harvard University in 1973, aiming for a career in law. But he spent most of his time in the computer lab instead of attending his law classes. He was not regular in his studies and appear in exam with a little preparation and passed with reasonable grades. Soon after studying for 2 years, much to his parent’s shock, dropped out of the college to pursue his business in 1975.

A Small Brief on Bill Gates Journey from Failure to Success

Bill Gates Failure Story

Before getting into his famous business of Microsoft in 1975. Bill gates started a business named Tarf-O-Data in partnership with Paul Allen and Paul Gilbert in 1970. This business was started with an objective of reading raw roadway traffic counters data and creating a report for traffic engineers. Paul Allen and Gates were high school students in Lakeside School, Seattle, at that time. They both thought of processing the traffic data faster and cheaper in comparison to the local companies.

This business was not much successful and didn’t last long because of the start of the free traffic services being offered to the clients in the State of Washington. This ended the need of private contractors. Despite being a failed business Tarf-O-Data taught the workings of microprocessors using DEC computers. That helped them in building their software even before the machine were built for their second business, that became a huge success.

Bill Gates Success Story

After being a college drop-out and running a failed business of Tarf-O-data, driven by his passion for computer programming, Bill Gates built the world’s largest software company, Microsoft. The company went public in 1986 and launched its initial public offering, in just one year the rising price made Bill Gates a self-made billionaire.

In 1975 after reading an article about Altair 8800, Bill Gates contacted MITS. MITS were the creator of this new micro-computer. He informed them that he, along with others are working on a BASIC interpreter. This was all to gain interest of MITS. Within few weeks they prepared Altair emulator and successfully demonstrated on a mini computer and then on a BASIC interpreter. This led to gaining a deal with MITS of distribution of the interpreter as Altair BASIC. Paul Allen got hired into MITS and Gates dropped out from Harvard to work with Allen.

Microsoft was formed in 1975 and named Micro-Soft, being a blend of “Micro-computer” and “software” but soon the hyphen was dropped and a single word Microsoft was coined. In early years of Microsoft all was not smooth sailing.

Before 1990, Microsoft was predominantly a supplier. With Windows 3.0, Gates showed the future plan of Microsoft. With the further advancement of the technology and popularity of personal computer, the revenues started to generate from sales to customers.

Release of Windows 7 in 2009, secured Microsoft’s position in the software market. Microsoft further expanded in the gaming and mobile phone market. It captured a large market share. It’s no looking back since then.

How Rich is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates was included in the Forbes list of world’s wealthiest people, since 1987. Holding the title of the richest person in the world from 1995 to 2017 with an estimated net worth of $89.9 billion as estimated on October 2017. From October 2017 onwards Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world.

In March 1986, At the age of 31, he became a millionaire, by offering Microsoft to public of $21 per share. Bill Gates owned 45% shares of Microsoft, that were worth $24.7 million.

In 1987, the Microsoft valued $90.75 per share, making him a billionaire. With his growing wealth Bill Gates is more inclined towards philanthropy and donates billion of dollars in charitable causes through Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Being one among the wealthiest people on the planet he intends to donate all his money to charitable causes and his children will inherit only 3% of his wealth.

Bill Gates Salary

Bill Gates estimated salary is USD 3,710, 000, 000 per year. Outside Microsoft Bill Gates have made several investments. He founded a digital imaging company, named Corbis, in 1989. In addition to this in 2004, he became director of Berkshire Hathaway. It’s an investment company owned by his friend Warren Buffett.

Bill Gates Family and Children

Bill Gates is married to Melinda Gates, she was born on August 15, 1964. She is a philanthropist, a former Microsoft employee and co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She was associated in development of several multimedia products namely Publisher, Microsoft Bob, Encarta, and Expedia, while working in Microsoft.

They first met at an Expo-Trade Fair in New York, in 1987. Got engaged in 1993 after dating for few years. They both got married on January 1, 1994. Bill Gates have 3 children Jennifer Katharine is the eldest daughter, then son Rory John, and the youngest daughter Phoebe Adele.

Bill Gates Lifestyle

Bill Gates lives with his family in an amazing mansion named Xanadu 2.0, it stretches over an area of 66,000 square feet. The house was completed in six years at the cost of about $63 million. The main features of this property are-

  • A swimming pool in which music is played under water.
  • A 2100 square feet library with a couple of secret bookcases.
  • A 2,500 square feet gym.
  • A 1000 square feet dining room.

He enjoys playing tennis, golf and bridge.

Gates days are planned on a minute-to-minute basis. He had paid more taxes than any individual ever… an amount over $6 billion is paid by him in form of taxes.

Some Important Facts about Bill Gates

  • Bill Gates is currently the second richest man in the world, he comes second to Jeff Bezos. Earlier he was the richest person.
  • He is a co-founder of world’s most successful tech company, Microsoft.
  • He does a lot of philanthropic work through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • A college drop-out, he left Harvard University to pursue his business.
  • Until 1997 he used to fly coach, now he has his own plane.
  • He acquired the codex, a collection of writings by Leonardo Da Vinci, at 1994 auction for $30.8 million.
  • His kids will inherit $10 million each, despite his immense wealth. This will be just a fraction of his wealth. He believes in that leaving kids a massive amount of wealth is no favor to them.
  • He knows only one language, English and is not aware of any foreign language.
  • Being an avid reader, his personal blog known as gatesnotes, offers 150 books recommendations.


Bill Gates life story is an inspiration to all. He is not a super human, just by following his passion and combining smart work with hard work, he has achieved everything. Always focusing on self-study and with his right mindset, resourcefulness, vision, tools, team, and entrepreneurial spirit he had reached to the heights that is inspiration for all. As a very generous and wise person he understands the importance of giving back to the society and does that through his philanthropy works. Bill gates life history encourages all of us to dream big and have courage to follow our passions.

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