Who Moved My Cheese Book Summary And Lessons Learned

Who Moved My Cheese Book Summary and Lessons Learned
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I recently finished reading the great book “Who Moved my Cheese” written by Dr. Spencer Johnson

The book is all about managing change in our personal and professional life

I found the book very interesting and I wanted to share the summary of the book and lessons that I have learned from the book, See below 🙂

Who Moved My Cheese Lessons

  • Change is going to happen, whether you are afraid of it or whether you like it or not. If you don’t adapt to it, someone else will and get ahead in the race
  • Don’t let your fear to be bigger than your abilities to face the change and overcome the challenges. Without facing challenges and problems, you won’t achieve something great
  • Everything that we do in our day to day job or business has a life of its own, it will eventually run out so be ready to adapt new things
  • In your personal relationship problems, it is always best to let go of old behavior instead of letting go of the relationship – you will be happy
  • In your work life, instead of changing the job every time – We should think and try to change the way we do our job. We would definitely be able to do better
  • Repeating the same thing will get you the same results, try something new and see what it gets you on the table
  • Paint the picture of “new goals” that we would all pursue so we could enjoy changing and putting in the efforts required to succeed
  • There are always better opportunities out there whether you recognize it at the time or not. And that you are rewarded with it when you go past your fear and enjoy the adventure
  • If you only live in your comfort zone, you will never reach your full potential. Don’t be afraid of rejection and failure and start going out of your comfort zone. You will learn and grow faster. You will learn great things from failure
  • If you don’t change, you will pay a price for it – sooner than later

Always keep this important conclusion of who moved my cheese in mind to deal with change in a better way, both in personal and professional life

I am thankful that I have got the opportunity to share this with you, Check more failure stories on our website

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